The Medford United Methodist Women are pleased to announce the inaugural Push Your Tush Move-A-Thon!

When: All of September!

Where: Wherever You Want!

We are doing it again! We we’re so excited for our “Push Your Tush” Virtual Run, Walk or Move-a-Thon during the month of September. What’s so cool about a virtual event is that you can join from anywhere, go anywhere, and do it at any time.

  • Whether from your treadmill, neighborhood, local track or park:
  • Whether walking, running, cycling (or even skateboarding if that’s your thing):
  • Whether by yourself, with your family, or with your best furry friend:

You can make a difference!
You can change lives through this effort! Will you join us?

What is it for?

Proceeds benefit the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund which provides emergency resources for local people in need.

So What do I Do?

  • Sign Up: You can join the Push the Tush move-a-thon by registering via our online support system or by downloading the registration form and sending it to the church office. Registration for participants is $10 for those 12 and under and $15 for all others.

  • Gear Up: Once we get your registration form, we will build your event package and make it available for pick-up at the church. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home, we can work out some alternate solutions. Wear your t-shirt while doing your activity to inspire yourself and others.

  • Show Up: Get out to your place of movement and get to it! Hit the trails, ride the rails (Rails to trails biking), hoist the sails (for the windsurfers out there).

  • Raise Up: Multiply your impact by participating in some of our alternative fundraising options…seek sponsorship or take a challenge! Invite the support of family and friends.

But what I if can’t participate physically but want to be a part of this great effort?

No worries! There are several different ways to be involved other than “Pushing Your Tush.” Although, our hope is that you do participate…choose something you are able to do physically, and maybe challenge yourself a bit!

We offer other ways to support the effort. Consider simply making a donation via the link to right. Or better yet, consider egging on one of our folks that is willing to take a challenge. Visit our Challenge page and learn who you can dare to do more and how! You can also pledge your support to others in their efforts to “push their own tushes” through sponsorship. We can help connect you with others looking for support in their activities. Just drop us a note through the Contact page.

Wow! I love this stuff! I am willing for people to lay down some challenges that I can tackle.

Awesome! Visit the Challenge page to see who else is taking challenges and how they are doing it or go directly to the challenges sign-up page, Click Here!