So you want to challenge Barbara? Click the link below and it will take you to a donation page. Once there you can enter the dollar amount corresponding to the magnitude of the challenge! Barbara says, “I will do my “wog” –somewhere between a walk and a jog– to complete 1 mile for every $5.00 pledged on my behalf (or I may also ride my bike for 3 miles or swim for a 1/4 mile). As a reformed runner, I have completed a marathon, a half Iron-man and over dozen triathlons. I am sending a picture of me completing the half Iron man, that’s 70.3 miles. Although I may not be fast, I’ll be the Energizer Bunny of miles and I have a challenge for all competitors! During the month of October, I WILL RAISE MORE MONEY and COMPLETE MORE MILES THAN ANY OF MY COMPETITORS individually can do. So please, everyone, sponsor me and watch the games begin. If someone else wins that top spot, I will pledge to make them a dinner for four during the month of November. For those not yet signed up, “You can’t win if you don’t play.” –So come on all challengers and let the real Push Your Tush events begin!”