We are excited that you have decided to participate in our virtual event. First, there are two ways to register. Use the link to the right to visit our registration page. You can either do it electronically, paying through our electronic PayPal gateway. Or, if you don’t care to use a credit card, you can download and fill out a paper registration form then mail it or drop it off at the church office with your payment.

Once we receive the registration, we will save your T-Shirt for you to pick up at the church.

SHIRT PICKUP:The pick up times are still to be determined

We will announce the times later when our team will be at the church for shirt pick up. Rest assured we will do it in a safe manner.

We are sure you have in mind what your Push Your Tush activity will be. Now that we are in September, execute your plan! Perhaps it is a 5K, or maybe something more substantial like a marathon. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you feel a sense of accomplishment. We hope that when doing your activity, you will wear your Push Your Tush T-Shirt and take a photo to share in our photo gallery.

When you have completed your activity, come back to this website and click the “Report Results” button. It will take you to a page to describe your adventure and tell you how to send us a photo, if you have one. We will add it the photo gallery.

There are a couple other options here too. Do you have family and friends that might be interested in supporting you? Check out the sponsorship link. Or perhaps you are really a glutton for punishment? Consider taking challenges to enhance your movement. Check out the Challenges page for more information there. Get creative and have some fun!

Are there still some questions? Let us know. Others may have the same questions. We will answer you and perhaps add to this page for others. Use the Contact link in the top menu.