This year, we figured we would inspire some mega movement by pitting one pastor’s team against the other in some friendly competition. Which team can Push Their Tushes the most? Of course there is no need to pick sides as long as you are pushing your own tush, but if you want to throw your fitness minutes into one team or the other, you can choose your side when you register!

Team Joe. Team up with Jumpin’ Joe Monahan…Weighing in at just over 13 Stones and standing nearly 4 cubits tall, he is a fitness machine, able to hurdle a communion rail in a single bound. You like his style points? Go With Joe to pin your movement minutes onto the Team Joe scoreboard.

Team Rachel. Join the Rockin’ Rachel Team…Hang with her at the next DDR Dance-off or be inspired by her prowess at the next MUMC Pickleball Championship of the World. Say “Bring it!” and throw your movement minutes onto the Team Rachel scoreboard.